A Guide to Winter in Park City & Deer Valley

United States » Park City

By James Johnson

Take a delightful winter retreat in Park City and enjoy some of the best skiing in the world.

Quick Hits Too busy to read it all? We have some highlights here

  • Eat...

    have a fun relaxed dinner after a day of skiing at Fireside Dining Deer Valley, which is 4 courses prefix dinner of Swiss fare

  • Lunch...

    Apex at the Montage

  • Breakfast...

    enjoy your hotels breakfast

  • Sleep...

    at the Stein Eriksen Lodge

  • Splurge...

    on dinner at Glitrentin at the Stein Eriksen Lodge

  • Visit...

    Alta for some incredibly skiing

  • See...

    The Cannons Park City for some great skiing & snowboarding

  • Shop...

    the town of Park City

  • Tip...

    if you want to escape the snowboarders head to Deer Valley to Ski

Hit The Slopes

There are a lot of reasons to visit the beautiful Park City, but the best reason in our opinion is the skiing. Known for its incredible "Champagne Powder", the skiing in and around Park City is some of the best around.

Getting There

It is very easy to get to Park City from Salt Lake City by renting a car and driving the 30 minutes. I would highly recommend getting a car so it is easy for you to get around to all the different ski resorts. Park City is fantastic, but so is Deer Valley, the Canyons and for the super hardcore, Alta/Snowbird (Which had the best snowfall in the country this year FWIW).

Where To Ski

I would recommend checking out all the resorts because they are all a little different, and all incredible. Canyons and Park City is actually one resort now since Vail bought them both, invested $50m, and hooked them up together with a Gondola. The resort is huge and there is something for everyone from beginner to expert. Deer Valley is definitely the "fanciest" and the food on the mountain there is ridiculously delicious. The skiing is pretty fantastic too. We got 24 inches the night before we went to Deer Valley, you don't need to be an expert to enjoy that A LOT. If you are an expert skier who takes the slopes seriously, you can't miss Alta and Snowbird which have less groomed easy going runs, but are the local favorites.

Around Town

The town of Park City is one of the best parts of visiting. There are great restaurants, bars and fun shopping. Uber also is everywhere, so it's really easy to get around. You can definitely take a day off skiing and keep yourself entertained walking around Park City. Be warned though, its basically impossible to get an honest drink here...


The Hotels

Luxury Ski/In-Ski/Out

If you are a real skiing snob, you have to stay somewhere that is "Ski/In-Ski/Out", and there are some fantastic options in Deer Valley. The Stein Eriksen Lodge is one of the coziest hotels I have ever been to, it is so luxurious it hurts. The St. Regis is also nothign to sneeze at, and there are also some fantastic lodges you can find via airbnb or VRBO.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley

A delightful skiing chalet located right in the action, the Stein Eriksen lodge is one of the most amazing winter getaways in the world. The rooms come with fireplaces, are super cozy and beautiful. The Lodge is Ski-in/Ski-out and everything about this place is incredible.

Montage Deer Valley

Ski-in/Ski-out right in Deer Valley. This resort is definitely larger than the Stein Eriksen, but is a great option if you want o stay in Deer Valley. The hotel has an awesome restaurant, Fireside Dining which we loved.

The St. Regis Deer Valley

Incredible hotel with all the best amenities and beautiful rooms. The St. Regis is right on Deer Valley and offers the ultimate in Ski-in/Ski-out luxury. You can't really go wrong with this place.

The Food

Deer Valley Resort: Fireside Dining

Pre-fixed 63 dollar meal, where you indulge in warm Swiss raclette cheese, cured meats, salads, specialty entrees, hearty sides, fire-roasted leg of lamb, fresh baked breads and dessert fondues. You will leave full and happy! Super casual and perfect after a day of skiing

Riverhorse on Main

american restaurant

Must See

Hit The Slopes

The skiing in Utah is some of the best in the world and there are several resorts that you have to visit. Alta is for the experts and locals, and there are no snowboarders allowed which is a major plus (unless you are a snowboarder, sorry). Not to worry for the board riders though because Snowbird is right next door and has had similarly fantastic snowfall the past couple of years. Deer Valley is the place to stay, and the skiing there is pretty great too. Canyons and Park City are also fantastic and it is worth checking them all out.

Alta Ski Resort

The top ranked ski resort in the US for the 2015/2016 season, Alta routinely gets incredible snowfall and has some of the most challenging terrain in the country. Even if you aren't an expert this ski resort is worth checking out, but if there has been a bunch of snow, make sure you get there early. It is about an hour from Park City with light traffic, but well worth the trip.

Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley is my favorite place to ski in Utah. The mountain itself has an incredible array of options for all ski levels, but it also feels less about "making money" than some of the other resorts. There is an ongoing joke in the skiing biz about how many Epic passes are sold (It seems like Vail owns pretty much every major ski resort and when you buy a pass to one, you get access to all). So when you go to the Canyons or Park City, there are A LOT of people. The resorts are much bigger, but still it can be crowded. Deer Valley is the opposite of this. There are multiple times, multiple days when you have a run all to yourself. In addition to being less crowded, Deer Valley is "fancier" in terms of the lodges, food and general feel.

The Canyons

The Canyons is one of the most incredible ski resorts in the country with a ton of off-piste terrain and some of the best tree skiing in the world. Yes, it can get crowded, but with consistent snowfall and a huge number of runs, you will have the time of your life at this fantastic resort.

Park City Resort

Park City is connected to the Canyons, so it really is all one resort. Like the Canyons, Park City is huge and has some of the most incredible terrain around. If you are an expert Skier, there are some fantastic runs for you to check out.

Must Drink

Sober City

All jokes aside, it is hard to get to get an honest drink in this mountain town. The laws are notoriously difficult in Utah, and even though technically it has become easier these days, the bars themselves still serve a very weak cocktail. The beers are legally required to be lower than 4% ABV (on draft) and the cocktails only have 1 oz of alcohol in them. For a very impatient and angry New Yorker, this just won't do. The only way to get around these draconian practices is to order a bottle of wine and insist on keeping it right on the table in front of you. 

No Name Saloon and Grill

The best kind of dive bar that serves one of the only honest drinks in town. Great ambiance, okay food and a whole lot of fun. One of the only spots to go out in Park City because its not really a "drinking" town.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley

The Stein Erikson Lodge is one of the most luxurious hotels I have ever been to and the bar is awesome. You can't go wrong grabbing a glass of red wine and sitting by the fire. It is truly a fantastic spot.